Monday 7 September 2009

Baba Dairy in Karjat

Baba Dairy has become a must stop for us on our way to Karjat. Situated few kms before chowk in Vavarle village, the dairy churns out some mouth-watering food and milk products.
Baba Dairy
Baba Dairy has come up recently in the past 6-7 months, and since its away from Karjat city you get a good view of the mountain range from there.
Daba Dairy Sit Out Each time we visit the place we find ourselves sipping on the delicious thick lassi (Rs 15) or gobbling up the delectable paneer parathas. The Paneer parathas are stuffed with Paneer mixed with Coriander and Chilli, making the filling inside greenish in colour. The soft Paneer is made at the dairy itself and it literally melts in the mouth, and its served with Curd and Pickle. All it comes for just Rs 35.

We have tried all the sweets available there and can vouch for the Malai Sandwiches, Chum Chum, Milk Cake and Rabadi, which is my favorite. The thick Rabadi is rich, heavy and definitely affordable. Priced at Rs 10 for 50 grams we end up bringing it back to Bombay to have it as a dessert after meals. If you want to binge and don't mind eating rich Indian sweets, then try out rabdi with milk cake, its a delicious combination. All the Baba Dairy products are priced at a very reasonable rate, that's why we like to eat there often. The other sweets like Malai Sandwich etc. cost Rs 10 per piece. Rabadi at Baba Dairy The Pedas are unique, they are milkier than any other Pedas we have consumed, its kind of an acquired taste and you may not like it instantly. Edibles at Baba Dairy This was the fourth time we had visited Baba Dairy, and we were really keen to visit the huge tabela (cow shed) behind the eating area and shop. So we asked the manager there, and with a friendly smile he gave us permission to stroll through the premises that holds buffaloes and prepares these delicious sweets from fresh milk. Making sweets at the dairy
Buffaloes at baba dairy
The bovines were huge as you can see, all of them had tags on their ears and they occupied two sheds, placed in a row. There were other rooms as well, in some the workers were sleeping while in others they were making sweets.
Tabela cow shed at baba dairy Next time you go to Karjat, make sure you drop by to have some fresh lassi and paneer parathas!

Monday 24 August 2009

Tanaji Malusare City to have a Skywalk

low cost housing project tanaji malusare city Tanaji Malusare city, the mammoth low-cost housing project coming up in Karjat, will have a motorised skywalk connecting all the facilities in the township and to Karjat station. The planned skywalk would be the first coming up in this fast-developing rural area.

The skywalk will be approximately 2 km long and cost Rs 18 crores. Pravin Banavalikar, CEO, TMC, said, "It will curve around the settlement and connect all the main utilities, including schools, recreation centres, play centres and hospitals to it. As it is motorised (has a moving floor, like the ones at airports and tube stations abroad), the 60,000 residents will have to access it through a paid swipe card. However, the finer modalities have not been worked out yet."

Tanaji Malusare city, tagged as India's largest social housing project, will be spread across 100 acres in Shirse and Akurle villages of Karjat. It will consist of as many as 15,000 homes for about 60,000 people.

Friday 14 August 2009

MMRDA to Improve Karjat Roads

roads in karjat to get a facelift The uneven roads are a common sight in Karjat especially during the monsoons.

The Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA) has finally decided to improve the roads in four council areas including Karjat, Raigad, Kulgaon-Badlapur and Ambarnath. MMRDA will spend around Rs 30.49 crore on construction and improvement of 15 major roads.

Four roads in Karjat, three in Kulgaon-Badalapur municipal council area and six in Raigad will get a face-lift. According to the proposal, MMRDA will provide nearly 90% of funds for road development.

The spokesperson of MMRDA was quoted as saying that their aim was to make internal roads motorable through out the year. "There are many internal roads in these council areas which are not motorable, especially during and after monsoon. Many a time, state transport buses are not able to reach far-off areas since these roads are not motorable enough."

Thursday 30 July 2009

Star Gazing Near Karjat

Khagol Mandal organized a star watching program for the aboriginals of Nandurbar in MaharashtraWe all know the skies around Karjat are clear, the clean air makes it a fabulous place for star gazers. But wouldn't it be even better to watch the stars and learn about the constellations and their movements.

Thanks to a group known as the Khagol Mandal, a group of sky observers that have been conducting observation programs for over 20 years at Vangani. The group has also been educating teachers for nearly 25 years, hoping the information will be handed down to the school children.

If you are up for an all night sky gazing adventure, this is what your crash course in Astronomy is like:

1) 6.00 pm - 6.30 pm - Registration for the program
2) 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm - Introduction to telescopes
3) 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm - First session about the evening sky.
4) 8.30 pm - 9.00 pm - Observations through telescopes
5) 9.00 pm - 10.00pm - DINNER BREAK
6) 10.00pm - 11.30pm - Second session about the Sky
7) 11.30pm - 12.00 - Observations through telescopes
8) 12.00 - 12.30am - First Tea Break
9) 12.30am - 2.30 am - Slide Show, Quiz, Question Answer session
10) 2.30am - 3.00 am - Second Tea Break
11) 3.00am - 4.30 am - Third session about the sky
12) 4.30am - 5.00 am - Observations through telescopes

Any one from the age of 10 to 65 can attend this session, the cost is approximately Rs 100 and for members its much lesser.

Things to Carry!

Khagol Mandal provides you with two cups of tea, so you need to carry a mug, your own dinner, a mat to sit on the open ground, warm clothes and gloves, a water bottle as well as a small torch covered with red paper.

How to Get There?

Its a 7 minute walk from Vangani station, you can take a train at 4pm from CST, please refer to the Karjat Train Time Table and be there before 6pm. Ask the locals for "Tarangan Marg" and it shouldn't be a problem.

When does it happen?

The program is usually arranged on a Saturday Night nearest to New Moon Day as the stars are visible more clearly with less moon light. The schedule is generally put up on the Khagol Mandal website, or you can also try contacting them on the email address provided there.

Friday 19 June 2009

Low Cost Housing Coming Up in Karjat

Karjat Earthsellers HoardingAs Bombay can't hold more people, the lack of space and development has forced builders to look for greener pastures. Karjat seems to be the choicest location for builders, with the MMRDA's big plans for the city.

One firm, Matheran Realty, is focusing on creating ultra low-cost housing in Karjat. Situated just 90km east of Mumbai, its a viable option for many people especially when it comes to the price factor. Their project named Tanaji Malusare City, is India’s first social housing project, is spread across 100 acres. They intend to build 15,000 flats with prices starting at a little over Rs 2 lakhs for a 19 square-metre apartment.

Milind Mhaiskar, metropolitan commissioner, said, "There is a huge requirement for low cost accomodation and a desire among people for affordable houses. People do not seem to mind even if they are far from Mumbai city. We are confident of good response to projects in Vasai, Karjat, Kalyan, and Thane."

Real estate in Karjat is a big business, if you have recently visited Karjat you would see hoardings and billboards all along the road advertising property sales and farm house sales. But Karjat is not only catering to the low cost flat owners. Corporations like the Big Studio are also seeing Karjat as a viable option.

With development slowly catching up in Karjat one can only wonder, how long will Karjat be a green getaway for nature lovers in Mumbai.

Monday 11 May 2009

Maritime Academy Opens in Karjat

A HongKong-based shipping company, Anglo Eastern is slated to open a maritime academy in Karjat. They recently acquired an existing nautical college thats spread across 53 acres site, including hostel capacity for 240 students.
anglo eastern maritime institute
On our recent visit to Karjat we came across a massive structure before Sandshi village, the entrance seemed as if it was enclosing a palace, that's what I was told on asking a person at the gate. He said it was a palace and now its taken over by someone. A palace in Karjat, sounds unbelievable!
anglo eastern maritime academy On doing research I got know that its actually a Maritime academy opened by Anglo Eastern. The academy commences its operations in August this year with first intake of cadets straight out of high school.

Anglo Eastern also has a training center in Mumbai, and together with the academy in Karjat it will be the largest and well-equipped training establishment in India.

Tuesday 5 May 2009

River Touch Resorts

ature lovers now have an affordable option to stay in Karjat. River Touch Resorts, built on the banks of River Pej amidst lush surroundings, offers a good break from the maddening crowd of the city at a decent cost. Places to Stay, River Touch Resorts

Located around 10 kms from Karjat railway station in Mandvane village, River Touch is partially air-conditioned, with a total of 10 rooms, bungalows, cottages and dormitory. Cottages at RiverTouch Swimming pool at River Touch Resorts in Karjat

Some of the facilities include:

- Group picnic facilities
- Adventure sports
- Health club
- Garden parties by the river bank
- Swimming pool
- Poolside parties and rain dance

Families can also sit by the banks of the river Pej and relax, eat or just have fun.
River Pej flowing through Rivertouch resort karjat
A room is available from Rs 3000 onwards which includes meals, games, swimming and rain dance. If not overnight then a day picnic cost comes to Rs 500 per person including all of the below.

Reservation Contact of RiverTouch Resorts:

Off Tata Road, Village Mandavane,
Taluka Karjat, District Raigad,
Tel: 9320027779/9850675159
Mumbai Office Tel : 022-24329632/9821037779/9320037779

Location of River Touch Resorts:
Location map of RiverTouch Resorts

Tuesday 21 April 2009

Meher Bakery: Karjat's Oven Fresh Bread

Meher Bakery in KarjatWell there is no major bread manufacturer that supplies bread in Karjat, not because they don't have the reach but perhaps due to this little bakery that floods Karjat with not only bread, but a range of edibles like Nankaties, Khari Bisucits, Toasts, Pastries, samosas etc.

Not only does this generate work for the locals but also provides an interesting variety to the tourists who come on the weekends. Meher Bakery has an outlet that sells the produce of the bakery in the city, just before you cross the bridge next to the rickshaw stand, around 10 meters towards the station.
Meher bakery eatables on displayWhile the produce is made Tiware a couple of kilometers away from Kadav. The outlet here is adorned with a lot of portrait's of people and gods and also has a video camera, perhaps to keep track of the person at the cash counter.

Karjat locals working in Meher BakeryYou do not need to go to the bakery itself to find the soft bread as its available in most of the shops in every major village like Kashele, Kadav etc. In Kadav village, Sachin Pan Shop is the one that keeps the most products of Meher and in general as well.

We recommend you try the chocolate nankaties and the special toast, both make a wonderful tea time snack. Meher has opened up a new outlet opposite the police station ground in Karjat where you can get veg pizzas, rolls and sandwiches apart from a range of dairy sweets and cakes. Their products are very economically priced and are definitely tasty :)

Saturday 18 April 2009

Banks in Karjat

Bank of India, Mahavir Peth ~ 222056/222256
Bank of India, B.D.O Khalapur ~ 229542/229543
Bank of India, Kadav Branch ~ 226236
Bank of Maharashtra, Kashele ~ 224010
Raigad District Bank, Bazar Road ~ 222052
U.C.O. Bank, Station Road ~ 222050
U.C.O. Bank, Vaijanath, Humgaon ~ 225022
State Bank of India, Karjat ~ 220414/220415

Architects & Interior Designers in Karjat

Sanjay Jarpude ~ 9423375971
Ketan Musale & Associates ~ 9323283589
Dhananjay Medhi/Darshan Medhi ~ 9373811943/02148222139

Auto Mechanic in Karjat

Gulab Auto (Dahivali) ~ 9850139294/9373682299

Agro Products in Karjat

Suhas Agro ~ 223666/221355
Agriculture Research Society ~ 222035
Academy of Development Science Kashele ~ 244008

Advocates in Karjat

C.B.Oswal ~ 223055/9422693328
D'mello ~ 9822911205
S.C.Chawan ~ 9325404103
Lata Chawan ~ 9325409331
Motilal Oswal ~ 222055
Pethe ~ 222116

Building Material Suppliers in Karjat

Land Development, JCB & Tractor Hire in Karjat

Vasant Builder/Construction ~ 9822665685
Vasant Bhoir ~ 221818
Vijay Bagul ~ 222311

Carpenters in Karjat

Sanjay Furniture ~ 9325374132

Borewell Contractors in Karjat

Jalpari Borewells ~ 222265
Jaldhara Borewells ~ 9270150101
Sai Pumps Borewell ~ 220041/09373401477
Dalvi Borewells ~ 222263/223967/9423375978/9850453966
Bhavika Borewells ~ 09822662629/9373820551/9272424551
Tupti Ground Water Exploration ~ 9822341429/222707

Schools in Karjat

India First Foundation School ~ 02148246013/02148246014/02148246016/9892180808/9892530303

Plant Nurseries in Karjat

Green Grower Devdutt Farm (Tiware) ~ 220841
Bandal Nursrey (Takve) ~ 9921216666

Medical Services in Karjat

24*7 SA.GA.MA. Arogya Rath(Ambulance) Contact No. 9272442010, 02148-221101. (Sarvajanik Ganeshostav Mandal, Karjat)
Ambulance ~ 221101
Govt. Hospital ~ 222069
Ambani Hospital ~ 02192-255141
Dr. Nazirkar ~ 222357
Dr. Datar ~ 222137
Dr. Phadke ~ 222102
Dr. Jain ~ 222207
Dr. Sabane ~ 222332
Dr. Sabale (Orthopedic) ~ 222657
Dr. Sudip Chakrabarty ~ 9422691278
Dr. Amit (Veterinary) ~ 223813
Ambika Medical ~ 223075
Milan Medical (Pedigree Food) ~ 221987
Vijay Medical (Pedigree & Veterinary Med.) ~ 222199

Hardware Stores in Karjat

Abbasbhai Asgar Ali ~ 222060/222700
Asgarali Hyderali ~ 222061/222146
Hatimi Steel Traderes ~ 9271122019
Prakash Plywood Center ~ 222381

Government Services in Karjat

BSNL ~ 222599/220500
Block Development Officer ~ 222034
Civil Court ~ 222217
Civil Hospital ~ 222069
Deputy Engineer P.W.D ~ 222147
Government Grain Godown Bhisegaon ~ 222086
Irrigation Department ~ 222048
Karjat Nagar Parishad ~ 222033
Karjat Police Staion ~ 222100
Karjat Post Office ~ 222023
Karjat Railway Station ~ 222064
Krishi Adhikari ~ 222183
M.S.E.B (Electricity Board) ~ 222090
M.S.E.B (Sub. Station) ~ 222077
Pradeshik Krishi Sanshodhan Kendra ~ 222035
S.T. Bus Stand ~ 222085
S.T. Bus Stand Workshop ~ 222076
Tehsildar Office ~ 222037
Water Supply ~ 222219
Zilla Parishad - Rest House ~ 222032
Grampanchayat Vengaon ~ 222410
Sub-Divisional Officer (O) ~ 221499
Station Master (Rly Enq) ~ 222064
Karjat Railway Police Station ~ 222110

Insurance Dealers in Karjat

New India Assurance ~ 222197

LPG Dealers

Pinto Gas Service ~ 222192/320387

Electronic Appliances in Karjat

Shyam Electronics ~ 222216
Ujjwal ~ 222062
Vaidya & Co. ~ 222204

Courier Services in Karjat

Professional Couriers ~ 221429

Caterers in Karjat

Gogate ~ Chote Vengaon 222965
Raj Cottage ~ 221414
Lucky's Korner ~ 9822941414

Thursday 12 March 2009

Treks in Karjat

Trek to BhimashankarTrek to Bhimashankar

Bhimashankar situated in the village of Bhavagiri, is a famous pilgrimage site at the end of the Sahyadri range. It is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in India. The beautiful stone temple around 3296 feet high and the feeling of being lost in wilderness has made Bhimashankar a major trekking destination.

Trekking to Peth FortTrekking to Peth Fort

Karjat is well-known for trekking, as each route gives a glimpse into the rich history of the Mogul era. There are several forts in and around Karjat waiting to be explored. One of them is the fort of Peth, also known as Kothaligad, which is around 21 kms north-east of Karjat in Shahapur taluka.

The Kondana Caves Near KarjatThe Kondana Caves Near Karjat

A journey to the 8 Buddhist caves of the Hinayana Buddhist tradition which is a one hour trek from the Kondane village. The Kondana caves enclose sculptures, vihara, cahitya and stupas, specimens of ancient Buddhist architecture. Although there was an earth quake in the early 1900s many stupas, the front entrance and the floor of the caves were damaged.

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Pinewood Resort

The Walkway in Pinewood resortKarjat is an interesting weekend proposition for anyone who wants to have a break from the hectic city life. But affordable accommodation seems to be a problem, but thanks to Pinewood Resort you can enjoy your stay in Karjat without burning a hole in your pocket!

For approximately Rs 350 you can spend a day at Pinewood Resort and this includes your meals as well, vegetarian and non vegetarian. Pinewood is situated in Varai village that is 5 km away from Karjat Station and 65 km away from Mumbai.

The resort is situated on three acres of lush green land and offers interesting features like a visit to a pottery factory, Kondana caves, Dams and Waterfalls. Pinewood resort swimmingpool They cater to Schools for one day and overnight picnics along with camp fires and dancing. They even organize a treasure hunt, games and environmental programs.

For entertainment purposes there are carom boards, a volley ball court, a ground for cricket or football as well as Badminton while the children have their special parks with slides and swings.
Pinewood Resort Conference RoomTo cater to corporate there are two training halls, outdoor training programs, pool side parties and a jogging walking track.

They have a 2 Bedroom Bungalow, 2 Dormitories, 2 Rest Areas and Deluxe Rooms

Pinewood Resort!!
Pinewood Resort, presently has 7 Deluxe spacious Rooms.
5 Deluxe Rooms Non A/c
2 Deluxe A/c Rooms
The capacity of each rooms is a maximum of 6 guests.
The beautifully designed rooms are with  a kingsize bed and an attached wash room.
A sitout outside each rooms with a widespread green front


How to get to Pinewood Resort in Karjat:

Map to Pinewood Resort

Booking and Contacts:
Tel No: +91 22 24097930/24018846
Fax No: +91 22 24097930
Mob No: +91 9820739385/ 9821318495
E Mail:

Interesting Sights in Karjat

Jain Temple in KarjatJain Temple in Karjat

On the Mahavir Peth road leading to Karjat station, close to the rickshaw stand is a beautifully made Jain temple. Catering to a small Jain community present in the area the temple is the only Jain Mandir in Karjat. Like most of the Jain shrines, this one too is carved out of white marble. The entrance bears intricate carvings of figures symbolising Jain faith.

ND Studio, Visit the Sets of Jodhaa AkbarND Studio: A Major Attraction in Karjat

When Bollywood shifted to Karjat, this scenic village was on the map of not just directors but also tourists. ND Studio has become a major stopover for people traveling to Karjat. Several films, TV serials, commercial ads have been shot here. One of the popular films was Jodhaa Akbar, in fact the lavish sets of the movie remained intact for a long time.

Ayurvedic Healthcare Garden in KasheleAyurvedic Healthcare Institute and Nursery

A research centre and nursery, which was abandoned due to lack of funding, has been reopened. The huge expanse of land can produce around 500 different species of medicinal plants, used in Ayurveda. Its located beyond Kashele towards Murbad and is worth a visit if you interested in Ayurveda and medicinal plants.

Breeding Dog Farm in KarjatVisit to a Dog Farm

Situated around 1 km away from Kadav in Chote Takve village is the dog breeding farm. Its been around for 10-15 years and has a wide range of pedigree dogs; Caravan Hounds, German Shepherds, Doberman, a couple of Pugs, Cocker Spaniel and a few more. You can imagine the chaos in there, some were aggressive, playful, silent, one had just given birth to puppies. If you are a dog lover then drop by this breeding farm.