Saturday 17 November 2012

1.75 Acres for sale in Kadav Village


A 1.75 Acre (69 Guntha) undeveloped table land is available for sale in the heart of Kadav village. Since it is located just off the main road in Kadav it can be used to construct even a building.

flat table land

Here's a video showing a 360 view of the plot in Kadav.

69 Gunthas for sale in Kadav

agricultural land for sale


Interested buyers get in touch with Mr Rustom Taraporewala
About Kadav:

Kadav is one of the biggest markets in Karjat with a famous Ganesha Mandir situated in the heart of the village. It has a beautiful lake overlooking the mountains.

All your daily requirements of food, vegetables and other supplies are available. Kadav also has a good network signal due to the presence of a mobile tower in the area. Broadband internet is available in Kadav, with BSNL being the ISP.