Monday 7 September 2009

Baba Dairy in Karjat

Baba Dairy has become a must stop for us on our way to Karjat. Situated few kms before chowk in Vavarle village, the dairy churns out some mouth-watering food and milk products.
Baba Dairy
Baba Dairy has come up recently in the past 6-7 months, and since its away from Karjat city you get a good view of the mountain range from there.
Daba Dairy Sit Out Each time we visit the place we find ourselves sipping on the delicious thick lassi (Rs 15) or gobbling up the delectable paneer parathas. The Paneer parathas are stuffed with Paneer mixed with Coriander and Chilli, making the filling inside greenish in colour. The soft Paneer is made at the dairy itself and it literally melts in the mouth, and its served with Curd and Pickle. All it comes for just Rs 35.

We have tried all the sweets available there and can vouch for the Malai Sandwiches, Chum Chum, Milk Cake and Rabadi, which is my favorite. The thick Rabadi is rich, heavy and definitely affordable. Priced at Rs 10 for 50 grams we end up bringing it back to Bombay to have it as a dessert after meals. If you want to binge and don't mind eating rich Indian sweets, then try out rabdi with milk cake, its a delicious combination. All the Baba Dairy products are priced at a very reasonable rate, that's why we like to eat there often. The other sweets like Malai Sandwich etc. cost Rs 10 per piece. Rabadi at Baba Dairy The Pedas are unique, they are milkier than any other Pedas we have consumed, its kind of an acquired taste and you may not like it instantly. Edibles at Baba Dairy This was the fourth time we had visited Baba Dairy, and we were really keen to visit the huge tabela (cow shed) behind the eating area and shop. So we asked the manager there, and with a friendly smile he gave us permission to stroll through the premises that holds buffaloes and prepares these delicious sweets from fresh milk. Making sweets at the dairy
Buffaloes at baba dairy
The bovines were huge as you can see, all of them had tags on their ears and they occupied two sheds, placed in a row. There were other rooms as well, in some the workers were sleeping while in others they were making sweets.
Tabela cow shed at baba dairy Next time you go to Karjat, make sure you drop by to have some fresh lassi and paneer parathas!