Saturday 17 November 2012

1.75 Acres for sale in Kadav Village


A 1.75 Acre (69 Guntha) undeveloped table land is available for sale in the heart of Kadav village. Since it is located just off the main road in Kadav it can be used to construct even a building.

flat table land

Here's a video showing a 360 view of the plot in Kadav.

69 Gunthas for sale in Kadav

agricultural land for sale


Interested buyers get in touch with Mr Rustom Taraporewala
About Kadav:

Kadav is one of the biggest markets in Karjat with a famous Ganesha Mandir situated in the heart of the village. It has a beautiful lake overlooking the mountains.

All your daily requirements of food, vegetables and other supplies are available. Kadav also has a good network signal due to the presence of a mobile tower in the area. Broadband internet is available in Kadav, with BSNL being the ISP.

Monday 29 October 2012

Oktoberfest at Dada's Grill Karjat

It was a fun-filled start to the weekend with Oktoberfest, organized by Dada’s Grill, provided good food, entertaining performances and some groovy music.
The event, based on the original Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, had Rs 250 cover charge and for members of the Karjat Farm Owners Club it was Rs 200, which was valid only for food. Both Indian and foreign beers were available - Kingfisher mild pints starting at Rs 60 and the most expensive beer pint was prized at Rs 300.

The place had limited decoration but it did justice to the theme. Dada’s Gill, known for its delicious food, had multiple small counters set up around the area. On the menu was Pizza, Burger and Hot Dogs, although the Burger and Hot Dogs were bit of a let down.

Another counter was serving wraps (not so appealing), a continental healthy lunch and the delicious BBQ chicken cooked on a coal fire.

Apart from this there were some lovely performances by Russian artists, who were belly dancing, hula hooping and performing rhythmic gymnastics. To keep the kids entertained, there was a play area with a trampoline, train ride and a huge inflatable slide.

Although the fluctuating electricity made the restaurant a bit hot, the chilled beers helped keep the temperature under control. All in all it was a wonderful fest that we look forward to next year, Karjats’s own Oktoberfest!

Saturday 25 August 2012

Zorabians, a Heaven for Chicken and Eggs!

Perizad Zorabian of Zorabian ChicksSituated on Karjat – Khopoli Marg, lies the factory outlet for Zorabian Chickens, a heaven for chicken meat lovers.

The outlet sells Chicken cheese and onion sausages and spicy sausages that are to die for, the other cold cuts includes Chicken Salami and Burger Patty’s. Zorabian offers a range of Kababs that can be cooked in ten minutes, the Chicken Malai, Tandoori and Reshmi kabbas all available at a discounted price.
A menu of Zorabian products
Although the main revenue stream of this outlet is mostly chicken scraps, that includes, wings for lollipops, head and feet, chicken curry pieces which is the carcass and skin. They also have boneless chicken, liver and gizzard by the kilo as well.
The Zorabian factory outlet

If your lucky, you may be able to pick up a bunch of eggs, these are by far the strangest eggs I have seen, each one has different colors and sizes, theres no consistency which makes it feel more natural, but sometimes a little oddly shaped and over sized. Eggs can set you back from Rs 2 – Rs 4 an egg depending on the size. The eggs aren’t broiler, they are coloured like desi eggs and if you’re lucky you may get your hands on some pullet eggs.
The Zorabian Menu

We visit Zorabian every alternate week where we pick up the curry pieces for our dogs, the rate fluctuates between Rs 20 – Rs 35 a kilo. While the chicken head and feet cost Rs 10 – Rs 12 per kilo. The cold cuts have a 10% - 20% off on the MRP, which makes the long drive from Karjat to Khopoli worth it.

Especially when you are going to Mumbai or Pune, buying ten packets of cold cuts can save you approximately Rs 200 off the MRP. If you ever visit Godrej’s Nature Basket, you would find the same Cheese and Onion sausages selling for a price of Rs 300 approx.
Zorabian Malai Kababs cooking
So what are you waiting for, pay a visit to Zorabian, feast of some chicken meat. On another note a lot of the local hotels in Karjat pick up their meat from here.

Thursday 19 July 2012

Raj Cottage, a Popular Breakfast Haunt in Karjat

raj cottage restaurant in karjat
On a beautiful rainy day if you are looking for a place to have a nice, steaming breakfast, then Raj Cottage would be a good choice. Located on the Chowk-Karjat Road, the restaurant churns out local delicacies like Vada pav, misal pav, tasty South Indian cuisine and Indian fare as well.

From Idli sambar to different kinds of dosas, uttapams, etc., Raj Cottage is priced reasonably. We've been there a couple of times, and have noticed that the quality of food has improved as compared to a year back, when the place didn't even have a clean menu card.

Raj Cottage serves lunch and dinner as well - Indian food with rotis, kulchas which is decent but not as delicious as the breakfast. The cost of a normal Indian dish like Veg Makhanwala or Paneer Mutter range from Rs 90 onwards, they also have some interesting dishes like Cheese Angoori or Paneer Pasanda.

indian dishes at raj cottage
dosa at raj cottage restaurant in karjat
The restaurant is crowded on weekends and lot of locals visit during the week. The payment service could be lousy at times, especially at the cash counter, who will take their own time to prepare the bill.

A must try would be Shri icecream, a Gujarat-based company, which has an outlet right outside the restaurant. All the flavours cost Rs 30, and is a good desert to have after a heavy meal - we prefer butterscotch and black currant. Although we mostly visit Raj Cottage for breakfast, overall its among the few choices of decent restaurants present in Karjat.

Monday 14 May 2012

Closed Canal Leads to Water Woes in Karjat

A few days ago we had a welcome break from the soaring temperatures in Karjat, with the summer temperature outdoors doing more than 40 degrees celcius, the passing shower was a short respite from the heat.

But thats not all the woes we have had to complain about, the plan on expanding and cementing the canal undertaken by the government for the last two summers has caused far more pain to not only the villagers, farm owners and the eco system as well.

Tata Power dam in Bhivpuri, sends the water used for electricity generation either into the river or the canal, this water is used by the local farmers to have an extra reliable crop of rice. Reliable, because its not dependent on the rain, that sometimes lasts longer and can ruin the crop instead of being beneficial.

So in short over the last two years we have had no extra rice growing, we have had a tremendous increase in brick kilns, unfortunately without chimneys so the smoke, which is extremely harmful for health hovering around us, they also use tremendous amounts of water to mold the bricks.

The lack of canal water had made the entire water table go down, in areas from Sangli, Takve, Kadav have all been drastically affected. Currently Takve village has only functioning borewell which has the entire village qued up.

We have lost over 40 trees in the last two years due to the lack of water, currently we get around 200 liters of water every 6 hours to survive till the rains. But a rainbow of hope floats above us as we see the big dark clouds marching in.

Yesterdays cloud burst above us, provided much needed water to help our plants and trees survive. Lets hope we have a few more till the arrival of the monsoons.

With the rains, comes the end of the brick making, the plants and trees rejuvinate, the birds begin to mate, the water table replenishes and our lovely Karjat, turns green again. Heres to another lovely monsoon season in Green Karjat!