Tuesday 21 April 2009

Meher Bakery: Karjat's Oven Fresh Bread

Meher Bakery in KarjatWell there is no major bread manufacturer that supplies bread in Karjat, not because they don't have the reach but perhaps due to this little bakery that floods Karjat with not only bread, but a range of edibles like Nankaties, Khari Bisucits, Toasts, Pastries, samosas etc.

Not only does this generate work for the locals but also provides an interesting variety to the tourists who come on the weekends. Meher Bakery has an outlet that sells the produce of the bakery in the city, just before you cross the bridge next to the rickshaw stand, around 10 meters towards the station.
Meher bakery eatables on displayWhile the produce is made Tiware a couple of kilometers away from Kadav. The outlet here is adorned with a lot of portrait's of people and gods and also has a video camera, perhaps to keep track of the person at the cash counter.

Karjat locals working in Meher BakeryYou do not need to go to the bakery itself to find the soft bread as its available in most of the shops in every major village like Kashele, Kadav etc. In Kadav village, Sachin Pan Shop is the one that keeps the most products of Meher and in general as well.

We recommend you try the chocolate nankaties and the special toast, both make a wonderful tea time snack. Meher has opened up a new outlet opposite the police station ground in Karjat where you can get veg pizzas, rolls and sandwiches apart from a range of dairy sweets and cakes. Their products are very economically priced and are definitely tasty :)

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