Tuesday 8 July 2008

About Karjat

Karjat's LandscapeAs Karjat becomes a more sought after destination, its important to cater to the information needs of people, this was the main reason we started this site.

Green Karjat is a complete guide of the things one can do in Karjat, hotels, resorts, adventure activities, restaurants, treks, properties and problems the local people in Karjat face as well.

We do hope we can cater to your needs efficiently and have a relaxing time here. If you need any more information do not hesitate, go right ahead and leave us a comment to get a prompt solution to your problem.


Karjat is situated on a mountainous region that spans over the Bhor ghat, Sahyadris and Western Ghats. Not to mention that it also includes the coastal plains of the Konkan region near Deccan and lies on the banks of the River Ulhas.

A picturesque location that consists of a very rich terrain, full of greenery in the monsoons, with waterfalls on virtually every hill uniting to form rivers and streams.

Known for:

Karjat Vada PausKarjat is famous for its Vada Pau's, this you would realise the moment you step off the train. The Karjat Train Station is an important stop for long distant trains, you have a huge amount of vendors carrying the tasty potato snack up and down the station.

In recent times, Karjat has become well know due to the Nitin Desai Film Studio that has been used to churn out a lot of popular Bollywood movies.

Many people from Pune and Mumbai have farm houses in Karjat which they use as their weekend getaways. These farmhouses dot the beautiful landscape that attracts trekkers and families on weekend picnics.


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