Sunday 22 June 2008

Places to Eat in Karjat

Raj Cottage restaurant in KarjatFood Code - Flavors of Punjab in Karjat

Food code - Flavors of Punjab - is a refreshing change compared to the limited number of restaurants in Karjat. Located on the College road in Dahivali, Food Code has a spacious dining area overlooking the Karjat-Murbad highway and they serve Tandoori, Indian and limited Chinese dishes.

Raj Cottage restaurant in KarjatRaj Cottage

Located on the Chowk-Karjat Road, the restaurant churns out local delicacies like Vada pav, misal pav, tasty South Indian cuisine and Indian fare as well.

Luckys Korner, KarjatLucky's Korner

Just at the corner prior to Neral phata lies Lucky's Korner, specializing in a variety of dishes at a good price. Lucky's has probably the best chicken tandoori at a good price!

Dadas Grill restaurant, places to eat KarjatDada's Grill: Pizzas, Pastas and Curries

Although there are a variety of places to eat in and around Karjat, sometimes the need arises to have a cuisine that is not spicy, like most of the food served in this region. Dada's Grill, which is located in Takve village on the Karjat-Murbad road while going to Kashele, offers a welcoming treat for the taste buds.

Baba Dairy in KarjatBaba Dairy in Karjat

Baba Dairy has become a must stop for us on our way to Karjat. Situated few kms before chowk in Vavarle village, the dairy churns out some mouth-watering food and milk products.

Meher Bakery: Karjat's Oven Fresh BreadMeher Bakery: Karjat's Oven Fresh Bread

Well there is no major bread manufacturer that supplies bread in Karjat, not because they don't have the reach but perhaps due to this little bakery that floods Karjat with not only bread, but a range of edibles like Nankaties, Khari Bisucits, Toasts, Pastries etc.

Karjat Dhaba, Good Food at Low CostKarjat Dhaba, Good Food at Low Cost

Eating at a roadside dhaba is always fun, the food tastes more homely and its affordable too. One of the oldest eating joint (dhaba) here is the Karjat Dhaba, which came up way before Karjat got commercialised and small joints sprung up at every nook and corner.


  1. Lucky's restuarant just before the Nerul chowk is also great for food - the tandoori prawns are great there. Also the vada pao and cutting chai at the same junction!

  2. Yes luckys is good too, but no beer, tandoori with beer, is what I want!