Tuesday 22 March 2011

Buying Property in Karjat?

ads with greeneryThe demand for property in Karjat has pushed the land prices up by phenomenal amounts, today the prices are anywhere from 25 Lakhs an acre to over a Crore an Acre depending on the location of the property.

That is not a small sum of money anymore, only the rich can afford to have a huge farm house with acres of land, while the upper middle class look out for plots.

A builder buys a couple of acres, then divides them into plots and sell them for a handsome profit. Lets take a look at some pointers that you need to be aware of before buying your dream home in Karjat.

Most builders advertise their properties with pictures taken during the rainy season. The main reason why that happens, is because it displays the fact that there is no shortage of water. But thats far from true, many parts of Karjat face a severe water shortage, these places are located after the page river, namely Kashele.

An important point is to see if the builder guarantees a 24/7 bore-well with water during summer time or a river that flows even during summer this would be the most important factor.

Is the land you are buying agricultural or non agricultural. Was the land a previous paddy or rice field, if it was then you need to get trucks of mud to elevate the land or be prepared for flooding during the rainy season, your house construction should also be elevated.

bellevert karjat advertisementIf you need to dig a bore-well, remember that wells cannot be re-bored or are nearly cost the same as boring a new well. Remember to go down at least two to three hundred feet if you strike water in the first hundred feet to avoid problems in the future.

Would you like to stay connected while you are in Karjat, BSNL provides some fantastic internet services with special discounted costs in the rural areas, find out where the BSNL towers are for basic connectivity and where their centers are for broadband connectivity, broadband exists all the way to Takve as of now.

Hope you find this post informative and helpful when you buy your second home in Karjat!