Tuesday 2 March 2010

Karjat's Waste Management Woes

Karjat cities dump yard
If you have visited Karjat in recent times, you would have noticed that just beyond the city on the other side of the bridge leading to the villages, there is an over-sized dump yard that runs around 100 meters along the side of the road.

Just how Mumbai has a massive garbage problem, Karjat even though much smaller in size seems to be facing the same problem. The smaller size should help the local bodies more effectively manage this problem.

The recent enforcement of the ban on plastic bags in Karjat is a step forward, but thin plastic bags are still available in some shops. Whats worse is due to the amount of garbage collected the authorities choose to set the dump on fire, sending arsenic fumes into the air, creating a Deonar like scenario in Karjat.

Garbage dump along the Karjat Murbad Highway

Naina from Prakash Nursery, located diagonally opposite the Garbage Dump, said, "We would request help from anybody who can help convince the officials to do something about the dump. Not only do we have to put up with the stench and smoke, but every monsoon the rain water brings the garbage into our properties creating a huge mess."

In recent times some private parties have started taking part of the garbage and using it for vermi-compost and selling it as fertilizer to farm house owners across Karjat. The other sad part is the reckless dumping of garbage in the river on the road to Karjat station.

Sunset at Ulhas river

You can get to see a wonderful sunset with the reflection of the colours on the river, and then a small load carrier would stop and empty its load of waste onto the banks of the river. A small amount of garbage is visible in the picture, but in reality its much more.

It would be nice if the locals could be taught about waste management and if all the farm owners learn to dispose of their garbage in their own compounds.