Wednesday 11 February 2009

Interesting Sights in Karjat

Jain Temple in KarjatJain Temple in Karjat

On the Mahavir Peth road leading to Karjat station, close to the rickshaw stand is a beautifully made Jain temple. Catering to a small Jain community present in the area the temple is the only Jain Mandir in Karjat. Like most of the Jain shrines, this one too is carved out of white marble. The entrance bears intricate carvings of figures symbolising Jain faith.

ND Studio, Visit the Sets of Jodhaa AkbarND Studio: A Major Attraction in Karjat

When Bollywood shifted to Karjat, this scenic village was on the map of not just directors but also tourists. ND Studio has become a major stopover for people traveling to Karjat. Several films, TV serials, commercial ads have been shot here. One of the popular films was Jodhaa Akbar, in fact the lavish sets of the movie remained intact for a long time.

Ayurvedic Healthcare Garden in KasheleAyurvedic Healthcare Institute and Nursery

A research centre and nursery, which was abandoned due to lack of funding, has been reopened. The huge expanse of land can produce around 500 different species of medicinal plants, used in Ayurveda. Its located beyond Kashele towards Murbad and is worth a visit if you interested in Ayurveda and medicinal plants.

Breeding Dog Farm in KarjatVisit to a Dog Farm

Situated around 1 km away from Kadav in Chote Takve village is the dog breeding farm. Its been around for 10-15 years and has a wide range of pedigree dogs; Caravan Hounds, German Shepherds, Doberman, a couple of Pugs, Cocker Spaniel and a few more. You can imagine the chaos in there, some were aggressive, playful, silent, one had just given birth to puppies. If you are a dog lover then drop by this breeding farm.


  1. Hello,

    I want to express my thoughts:
    I am swayed by the enchanting beauty of this region (Karjat) with very very historical significance and picturesque. But, over the years this pristine beauty has gone tremendous change.... It is no longer pristine. Everywhere there is NA Plots, trees are depleting, concrete boundary walls adding to the otherwise fantastic picture/ surrounding. A sort of some hard facts for NATURE LOVERs. All these human activities (commercialization) is tempting for investment to come to nature in a "not best way" (I think).

    Slowly and slowly we are destroying the nature.... robbing its pristine beauty. Konkan and Karjat are the MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES in INDIA and WORLD...

    Use of plastic materials like P. Bottles etc. which many a times I see in historic and thrilling monuments like Kotligarh fort, and its way, Bhimashankar and other natural and historic places and forts should be banned at these places. They rob the nature in long term. They don't decompose for a very long time. Atleast, their use at these places should be restricted (I think).

    Honest Efforts should be made to save the beauty (at lest for our future generations...)


  2. @ Anuradha,

    I really like your point of view, even when we visited kondane caves i was appalled by the amount of thrash at the place.

    With the amount of corruption in our country/world we will continue to see forest being destroyed for more concrete structures.