Wednesday 1 October 2008

Visit to a Dog Farm

Karjat has a lot to offer if you look around closely, and if you are a dog lover, then you should read on.

Situated around 1 km away from Kadav in Chote Takve village is the dog breeding farm. Its been around for 10-15 years and has a wide range of pedigree dogs; Caravan Hounds, German Shepherds, Doberman, a couple of Pugs, Cocker Spaniel and a few more. You can imagine the chaos in there, some were aggressive, playful, silent, one had just given birth to puppies.

Here you are the litter of Caravan Hound or Mudhol Hound. They were being sold for Rs 8000.Litter of Caravan Hound at Karjat dog farm
Caravan Hound again feeding the newborn. They still had their eyes closed and they usually open in a fortnight. Caravan Hound and litter
The not so agile German Shepherd, who had given birth the previous night.
German Shepherd dog farmNot all hounds are friendly, and they don't like to be touched by strangers. So these were kept in a cage and started barking ferociously as soon as Clyde went close to them. Mudhol Hound and Doberman in dog farmDoberman, known to be intelligent and alert, are the most common pet breeds. A doberman cost Rs 9000. DobermanDO you find something unusual about this Hound? The caretaker said he has a coat just like the tiger. Tiger coated skin Mudhol HoundThe playful English Cocker Spaniel called 'Candy'. Cocker Spaniels' are also known as 'Merry Cockers' because their tails are always wagging and they have a happy character. English Cocker Spaniel or Merry CockerThe caretaker said that this Hound won the dog show in Hyderabad some time ago. Winning dog Karjat dog farm
Saving the best for the last. The cute and wrinkly-faced pugs, enjoying the sun. More people are buying Pugs these days due to highly popular Hutch/Vodafone ad. Who wouldn't like such playful and charming dogs. Wrinkly faced Pugs at breeding farm This Pug was getting his injured foot checked, and look at his face, really cute! Injured Pug


  1. Wht is the contact address of this farm?


  2. can you please provide a contact address and directions to get there?

  3. Wht is the contact address of this farm?

  4. Wht is the contact address of this farm?

  5. can v know the contacts nd address of this farm house....

  6. unfortunately this dog farm has moved out of Karjat to Pen