Tuesday 12 January 2010

Jain Temple in Karjat

On the Mahavir Peth road leading to Karjat station, close to the rickshaw stand is a beautifully made Jain temple. Catering to a small Jain community present in the area the temple is the only Jain Mandir in Karjat.

jain temple place to worship in karjat

Like most of the Jain shrines, this one too is carved out of white marble. The entrance bears intricate carvings of figures symbolising Jain faith. The flight of stairs leading to the main temple is embellished with colorful stones and white marble.
well designed marble steps in jain mandir
To the left of the steps is the puja area and on the right are idols of deities.
carving marble pillar jain temple
As I entered the main temple, the peaceful environment envelops you, and fills you with reverence and admiration of the place. The main deity of this temple is Lord Neminath, whose idol was adorned with flowers and jewelery, a custom followed by Jains.
karjat jain temple

craved ceiling of neminath temple
The pillars had colorful carvings of various figures, the dome-shaped ceiling was well designed and the floor shone with the glow of marble. There were very few people offering prayers, and the pujari was busy cleaning the main worship area, he of course stopped me from taking pictures of the idol.
marble ceiling
Swastika carved on the wooden door.
swastika neminath derasar karjat
There is also an upper level, the main deity being Lord Shantinath. After offering my prayers, I made an exit and was glad to have visited this peaceful shrine in the narrow lane of a busy road.

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  1. There are more than 130 families of Marvadis from Rajasthan Basically Jains residing in Karjat more than 5 decades.All the major business in local market is catered only by them