Tuesday 2 December 2008

Crowded Hoardings Sell Land and Holidays

Slew of hoardings estate sellers Like many hill stations of Maharashtra, Karjat too has become a victim of rapid urbanisation.

More and more land is being used to develop townships, hotels and bungalows. So paddy fields have given way to new development, and villages also have been acquired for the SEZ plan in Raigad district.

This is pretty evident when you get off the highway and take the left to enter Karjat. You will notice the change in landscape, with both sides of the road filled with slew of hoardings advertising about future development projects or some real estate agent selling land.

Land under cultivation has reduced drastically and the state's agriculture commissioner, Prabhakar Deshmukh, admits that this is a worrying trend. This has been happening in other parts of Maharashtra too.

On our last visit to Karjat, we actually stopped on the way to take couple of pictures of these hoardings. Take a look -
Land farm for sale Due to close proximity to Mumbai, the demand has gone up and with it the cost of real estate too in Karjat. Developers Alpine village Earthsellers, what an apt name to describe the current scenario, piece of land for everyone and less land for cultivation. Karjat Earthsellers Hoarding Another slew of hoardings as we reached closer to Chowk. Hotels and land developers advertise
Developers in Karjat Several new townships are coming up as well within and on the outskirts of Karjat. This surge in development only started around 2-3 years ago. Vastu Developers township in Karjat, new construction Are you looking for a piece of land in Karjat too?

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