Thursday 30 September 2010

TMC's Low Cost Housing Project

the front of the 1 Bhk TMC enclaveWe had spoken about Tanaji Malusare City in an earlier post, with regards to their ambitious skywalk. But overall have not spoken about TMC Karjat in whole about the concept of the project and what exactly it is.

TMC is situated in Karjat approximately 2 Kilometers away from the railway station. But ofcourse they plan the TMC skywalk to touch the station which will basically be a big boon to daily travellers.

The Tanaji Malusare City comes under a low cost housing scheme that offers, five types of house namely a 216 sq. ft (1 Room Kitchen), a 304 sq.ft. (1 Room Kitchen), a 439 sq. ft (1 BHK), a 540 sq. ft ( 2 BHK) and a 684 sq. ft ( 3 BHK). The cost of the housing starts from Rs 3,00,000.

There will be a total of 15,000 flats spread over 100 acres including a School, Hospital, a 3 lakh sq.ft mall, multiplex, community hall, piped cooking gas, children’s playground and retail outlets strategically placed around the city.

Take a look at this video where you can get to see the master plan of the city, the location and the inside of a flat in TMC.

The plans of the flats are displayed below:

TMC 2 BHK Flat Plan:
tmc 2 bhk flat plan

TMC 1 BHK Flat Plan:
tmc 1 bhk flat plan

TMC 1 RK Flat Plan:
tmc 1 rk flat plan
The entire site plan can also seen below, unfortunately its not a high resolution image, stay tuned for more updates on TMC!
tmc master plan

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