Saturday 26 June 2010

Magical Monsoons in Karjat

colorful spots on leafKarjat during the monsoons is as colorful as these leaves. Covered with variety of flora and fauna, Karjat transforms into a lively, energizing zone.

The plants come to life, flowers bloom in all its glory, birds build their nest and give life to new ones, frogs rejoice in the rains and the waterfalls begin to flow in full swing.
wild purple flower
white frog jumping Since monsoon is the best season to visit Karjat, its a favorite weekend getaway for many city dwellers. Here's a glimpse of magical monsoons in Karjat and what you might be missing on. brown bird in karjat Drops of rain settle on the branches of the casuarina tree.
raindrops in karjat There are fruit trees in Karjat, guava, chickoo, papaya, and many more. The one below is the pretty flower of the guava tree.
psidium guajava L or white guava There is so much water flowing, even the plants growing in the wild have lovely flowers.
pink wild flowers Trumpet creepers blossom only during the monsoons, the orange flowers add colour to the green landscape.
trumpet creeper or trumpet vine or campsis radicans Summer dries up the teak trees, and the rain gives new life to them.
new teak leaves
giant size teak leaves
A common sight in this season are the mushrooms, growing under the trees, on grass, and in all shapes and sizes.
mushrooms growing in the rains karjat The morning dew that collects on the plants makes a pretty picture.
karjat in the rains The open fields are covered in carpet of green surrounded by dense forest and cloud-covered peaks, its a beautiful view. scenic view of the hills in karjat Even the herd of buffaloes enjoy grazing in these fields. grazing cattle Even rafting is possible in Karjat during the monsoons, on the Ulhas river. Below photo shows a group of school children waiting to go rafting. rafting in  karjat Its the mating season for birds, amphibians, animals, reptiles, insects etc. A huge frog found his mate after several calls. frogs mating If you are a nature lover then its the ideal time to visit Karjat. There is no end to the amount of diversity you will witness here, all you need to do is observe. bird watching in karjat

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