Thursday 22 August 2013

Karjat-Murbad Road Expands to Become a National highway

state of karjat murbad road national highway
If you've been to Karjat recently, you would have seen the dismal state of the roads. A regular visitor to karjat would know that every monsoon people are greeted by giant-sized potholes (beware if you have a small car), where driving at a speed of 30 is ideal. Another development happening is broadening of the Karjat-Murbad road, which is going to become a National highway in the next couple of months or years.

Such a large scale 'development' has led to cutting down hundreds of old trees. Who is accountable for replanting of trees? This is extremely disappointing, because eventually, it will lead to more commercialization - more shops, restaurants, hotels etc. Did you know that Karjat is a Green residential zone (G1, G2 zone)? A green zone where the trees are cut to boost development projects that are not sustainable!

What kind of development is this when every monsoon, the roadworks employees fill up potholes with stones, a shoddy job that will last for a week, and then back again to the same bumpy road. Phone lines running along the side of the road has broken at several spots to an extent that BSNL had 4 exchanges disconnected, BSNL is not laying new cables anymore and this means lines that were disconnected in the road work are no longer going to be connected again.
karjat khopoli road
potholed road in karjat
The National Highway is slated to be ready by end of the year. Only time will unveil the effects of this thoughtless development and how its harming the fragile ecosystem of beautiful Karjat. Until then enjoy the moon ride simulation as you drive on the roads here!

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