Sunday 2 May 2010

Hailstorm Strikes Karjat

Bringing a brief respite from the scorching heat, the rain gods put up a surprising show few days ago on April 30th in Karjat. hail stones in karjat A short spell of heavy rainfall was accompanied by an unexpected hail storm, which lasted for around 5 minutes, while the rain continued for a couple of hours. This probably would be the first time that hail stones, which were small, round-shaped ice, were falling from the overcast skies in Karjat.
hail in maharashtra karjat
It seemed like it was building up over the past few days, with loud thundering and lightning splitting the night sky. On Friday the weather was hot and humid until afternoon, when it started to drizzle, cold drops of rain falling initially, and then suddenly hail struck to surprise us all.
hail storm in karjat
cloudy sky
Since that day the weather is back to being hot and sunny. But it was a much-needed change, as it washed up all the trees and plants, making it look more green and vibrant. A glimpse of what it looks like during the monsoons. Maybe we'll have early rains this time!

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