Tuesday 4 November 2008

Tata Promotes Ace Magic in Karjat

The ten-seater tuktuks or rickshaws, which is the common mode of transport for villagers and tourists in Karjat, are facing some competition.

Tata Motors is promoting its passenger version of its Ace mini-truck, Tata Magic, in Karjat, ensuring comfortable and safe transportation mode. On our recent visit to Karjat, we noticed a Tata Magic parked outside the rickshaw stand, so Tata is trying to sell these four-wheelers in rural areas.
Tata Ace Magic van in Karjat
Tata Magic Karjat
What makes it different than a tuktuk? Well from the look of it, Magic looks more spacious good enough to fit four to seven passengers, with ample legroom and comfortable seats. We aren't sure of how much it costs to travel in a Magic and what route does it ply on.

Tuktuks are ideally fit for seven to eight people but the driver tries to fit in as many as he can, sometimes we've also seen more than 10 people getting squashed. Tata Magic does seem to be a more comfortable option, next time I am in Karjat, I will surely sit in one.

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