Saturday, 17 November 2012

6 Acres Agricultural Land for Sale in Kadav


A 6-acre plot is available for sale in Kadav village, situated 10 kms from Karjat City and Railway Station.
mango orchard

Highlights of the plot:

  • 105 Mango Trees and a couple of coconut trees
  • 5 HP Submersible Pump
  • 2 Inch Pipeline connected throughout the farm
  • Fully-fenced
  • Road touch property,
  • A gardener outhouse with a separate meter line
  • 24x7 Water supply

In the below picture you can see the fencing of the plot.

A few coconut trees overlooking the Mango Orchard.
coconut trees overlooking mango orchard

Interested buyers get in touch with Mr Rustom Taraporewala

About Kadav:

Kadav is one of the biggest markets in Karjat with a famous Ganesha Mandir situated in the heart of the village. It has a beautiful lake overlooking the mountains.

All your daily requirements of food, vegetables and other supplies are available. Kadav also has a good network signal due to the presence of a mobile tower in the area. Broadband internet is available in Kadav, with BSNL being the ISP.


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